Sunday, November 8, 2009


one minute before
my end
i heard the sound
of bullet

I can see the speed
of bullet
and the man with
the gun

I can feel the
sharp bullet
entering my
hard chest

I can see the
dark colour
of blood sprinkling
out of my heart

I can hear the
hurrying sound
running beside me
here and there

I can see and
feel the pain
of my own

I can make out the
changes in the place
but my life had
come to an end

I can see it,
my lord
calling me
towards him

I can hear my
own last
word to this world


  1. some problem will retype my comment

  2. Shailesh starts his blogging experince with a beautifuuly written poem avbout the end of a great era..gandhian era..I must congratulate you for the post ..(that instatly gives you a place in my blogroll)..although i belive words dont matter much if the theme is all set..(whcic is perfect mind you :)i certainly want few words to be replaced by better sprinkling can pave way for the better -spurting now that you are all geared up for blogging (poetry mainly :D) i dont h ink there is anything that pulls you back...who can say this is your first it your first poem too?

    keep bogging and then you will be all over place :D let us hope so..:)

  3. @frozenwell
    thank u dude....
    i will continue this.....and i m very happy to hear these words 4m u....
    and one more thing, it s my 1st poem.....

  4. too good bro... i m really impressed!!!! so i 'll be catching up with you in a week's time..
    till then ALL THE BEST!!!..

  5. dude poem is too good but since its ur first poem i think u should have wriitn about birth or something rather than END.. got it...
    that's my opinion.../
    anyways the poem is good,....

  6. @ varun
    i never thought about tat dude....
    thank u 4 tat...
    but i think, we want d mood to write, not tat it s birth or end....
    it s my opinion.....

  7. good poem's a bit on the dark side which i like..

  8. @krazy panda....
    thank u dude.......